Welcome to the Unique range. Welcome to the jewel in the crown of the Eggersmann line.


No other manufacturer works with these materials in this way and elevates this concept into such a rarified manifestation of pure luxury, opulence and engineering mastery.


Since 2006, Eggersmann has been further developing and producing a collection of kitchens and furnishings which are unparalleled in terms of timelessness and minimalism.

The name ‘unique’ is also the concept. Individuality as well as extraordinarily selected materials are the focus. One crucial underlying idea of this system is the use of a singular material for all visible surfaces resulting in a consistent monolithic impression. The result is a kitchen hewn from solid rock and yet exquisitely machined to fit together and work seamlessly. Nothing short of design and fabrication genius.

Front and side panels and also handle profiles, plinth panels and worktop surfaces are made of just one identical material. In addition to various types of natural stone, solid stainless steel with SilverTouch finish, Corian® as well as Fenix NTM can be used. Architectural elements such as mitres and other details are all standard with this line from Eggersmann.

Unique was initially conceptualized as a prestige model but has already transformed into a modern classic in the Eggersmann collection and within the kitchen and design communities it draws nothing but admiration from professionals and users alike.