Tabu Veneering System


TABU was founded in 1927 in Cantù, Italy, in the heart of Lombardy. Today it represents excellence in Italian wood dyeing technology. It is present in more than 60 countries worldwide, producing natural dyed veneers and multilaminar wood veneers collected together in the extraordinary 555.18 Collection The Tabu stable of products includes industrial inlays (Burls&Graffiti Collection), three-dimensional surfaces (Groovy Collection) and a line of wood floors with the upper layer dyed through its thickness. The SKEENS Tabu boiserie Collection completes the range. Tabu is a master of its craft and Bax has taken the incredible range of 555 veneers as the basis for application within its kitchen range.

The 555 natural dyed and multilaminar veneers are presented in real samples, divided into 13 colour-scale folders, described in detail  (wood species, code, type of structure, also specified are multilaminar wood, precious wood, Ecozero® or Bio² Veneers). We have all the samples of this incredible range of veneers in the showroom for you to choose from as we find your individual look. Veneers can then be mixed for a surcharge per veneer change so that details such as finger rails and inset surrounds can be veneered in an alternate, creating an incredible ability to drill down to the finest detail in the kitchens design onto which to apply a consistent motif.