German Construction Through and Through

There is a wide range of top-quality features for our kitchen furniture that can be selected individually to suit your daily needs. We collaborate with leading manufacturers and have integrated the latest technology because we think about the future today. We make all our carcasses out of 18mm board backed with 8mm board for the best possible carcass strength. We aspire to use the latest technology of the highest quality from all our partners in the manufacturing process. We are consistent, delivering smooth-running, impeccable and convenient kitchen furniture. We select Blum products for their quality and constant innovation and by using Kesseböhmer products, we process top-level technology with maximum use of storage space. Our sliding door systems offer elegant solutions enabling the kitchen to be transformed into an efficient, stylish space that is perfectly engineered to solve your lifestyle requirements, be it with the single-rail wall unit system or the highly functional flap doors in a tall unit.

Our shelving systems are machined to last and are designed to be perfectly discreet. 19 mm wooden shelves come with milled in, concealed shelf support, stable and virtually invisible. Our glass shelves also come with a stable, non-tilting shelf support. For safe assembly and storage. Cutlery inserts, anti-slip mats, Pull-out dividers, cut-out edging and lighting solutions are all fabricated and supplied with the same level of quality and attention to design detail in mind.








Our kitchens represent all that people have come to expect from a German kitchen products and design. Innovation, flair and a precision in manufacture that no one else can match. You will notice the difference, not only when your kitchen functions just as we have jointly designed it to, but also when. twenty years after installation, your kitchen still works in the same solid, reassuringly reliable way it has always done. This is our promise to you.