Ligneous Made in Germany

Ligneous is proud to present its own range of kitchens, made in Germany. We have found a manufacturer building kitchens of the finest quality and materials, making kitchens to the specification that we demand. Not only are our kitchens built to the finest standards, but we are able to offer a German product that represents excellent value across the spectrum of price points. 


The value inherent in a German product is in its ability to last a lifetime of heavy use. We apply this test to everything we supply and install. German excellence in manufacture is evident from the quality of the base materials used, from glues and metals to wood based products, as well as in the machining to a finish and joined up thinking in design that German engineering solutions are world renowned for. All of these details, applied at every stage of the manufacturing process, gives the finished article its longevity and when others are needing to change their tired, battered looking kitchens, ours will still be functioning perfectly, entertaining perfectly, impressing perfectly.


We are proud of the German tradition of excellence in kitchen manufacture and our own brand reflects this excellence from design inception through to final fitting.  

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Exceptional Construction

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Range and Detail

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Door Fronts