Laminam Ceramics


Stylishly cover any kind of surface, horizontal and vertical, creating a residential design for the home driven by a single spirit. The combined use of surfaces is not only a way to turn creativity into reality, but also represents an entire approach: beautiful to look at, flawless to use, good for the environment. Laminam ceramics allow planners, designers, and anyone wanting to shape their own space, to turn their creative imagination into reality by combining different textured effects and colour shades, or by using the same finishes in different thicknesses and sizes for a ‘total look’ approach.

Laminam offer a range of some 30 odd ceramics that, with the correct choice of thickness, allows us through Bax kitchens, to clad any surface in the kitchen. From textured ceramics that evoke an almost material like quality, to beautiful stone effects that expertly mimic classic marbles, though so much more hard-use and damage resistant, Laminam ceramics allows design alternatives to be manifested in your living space that can be as unique as you are. Used in combination with the range of Tabu veneers available to us through Bax and it quickly becomes apparent just how limitless the options are using both systems together in designing your kitchen, which is then made to the highest of German standards using these incredible materials.