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There is no product like Eggersmann.


Eggersmann stand alone in the kitchen world by pushing kitchen design to the very limit.

Eggersmann produce kitchens for people who demand only the very highest quality and excellence in manufacture and materials, in order to manifest designs of the most refined and bold calibre, using materials both rare and difficult to work with, crafting them expertly as no one else can. This is the incredible world of Eggersmann that will make your dream of luxury a reality.

Eggersmann remain true to the manufacturing principle of producing exclusively to order, offering customer-specific solutions and maintaining the tradition of craftsmanship. They also make sure that the very latest and innovative manufacturing technologies are present in their thinking, allowing them to push the boundaries in working with materials that others can't, or won't.  They have produced individual tailor-made solutions for aesthetic and luxurious kitchen furniture for more than a hundred years. Eggersmann are committed to perfection and timeless elegance, they have a mindset of continuous development based on research for innovation. They use the most advanced manufacturing technology combined with their century old tradition of hand-crafted cabinet making, an incredible combination replicated no where else in the industry.

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There is no one like Eggersmann

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