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Brigitte and Impuls

Ligneous prides itself on offering affordable luxury, on finding a way to offer value to all of our customers. From the sheer opulence of Eggersmann to the flexibility of Bax and the range and excellence in construction of our own brand made in Germany, Ligneous will design, supply and install kitchens of the very highest calibre to suit every pocket. With this in mind, we present our two entry level brands, Brigitte and Impuls, German offerings that present a simpler product, made to German standards, with more straight forward design options and faster turnaround times, for when time is a factor, or a second kitchen space with a different cabinetry specification is required, such as a utility room. 

Brigitte - offering some of the best value of any German kitchen brand on the market, like all of our partners Brigitte is a brand like no other. They go the extra mile in making sure their product stack up against other German products in terms of quality of finish, and yet when the budget won't stretch to some of the more expensive makes Brigitte can bring in a kitchen of German quality for a fraction of the cost. They have a full range of fronts as well as some quite off-the-wall options to choose from. Brigitte enables us to offer a kitchen that will out-compete cheaper home-grown brands such as Howdens and Benchmarx. For a just a little more, you can have a genuine German made and constructed product that far exceeds the specification of these alternatives which will still be with you. looking as fresh as ever, years later.

Impuls - If you need a very quick turnaround with as little fuss as possible, then Impuls is the kitchen for you. They keep things uncomplicated to facilitate super-efficiency and speed in the transition from specification to delivery. A high quality but limited range of finishes and size options means that they can't be beaten on price for a German product and that we can pretty much match a turnaround from British alternatives, a great option to get you a beautiful German product designed, ordered, delivered and installed in double quick time!


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